Refining My Beliefs

For 2 months, I’ve been attempting to refine my beliefs, uncover my own truths and create definitions for important aspects of my life.

How do I define fatherhood?

What does protecting my family look like?

What are human rights?

What is the role of government?

How much privacy do I want/need?

And most relevant to this email…

What is the FRD brotherhood really about?

I’m craving clarity in my own thoughts and candid conversations with guys willing to engage directly.

I posted something in the brotherhood facebook group, in an attempt to further define why our group exists, what type of conversations have been at the core of our growth, and which direction we want to move in.

[Here’s the post from 5/20]

I realize sharing content around COVID can spark some emotions, and…. that’s exactly what I’m hoping for in this brotherhood.

I did’t start this group so we could all bite our tongues.

I want us to have bold conversations, and create a place where members feel empowered to post about things they consider important.

Everyone here is committed to leading, loving, and looking out for their family.
That said, I want to invite the type of questions, shares, etc that have you questioning whether or not you should post them on your personal FB page.
Put them here.

The brotherhood is a place for us to share openly.

It’s a “YES, AND” style conversation.

YES, I hear you, AND…here’s my thoughts.

So much better than, “Well you’re an idiot, here’s why…”

So earlier today, I saw a video from my friend JP Sears (Oh…and JP is going to be a dad this year!)

I thought, I’d love to share this with you guys. It could spark some candid conversation, or maybe just provide a little comedic relief.

Then I questioned — would people be offended? How might they react?

Then…. I thought about this group be being bold, honest and ready to engage.

Our group is about speaking up. Taking risks.

Sometimes we hit the nail on the head, and other times we learn something new and change our mind.

I also want to practice in this brotherhood, what I want my boys to practice in their lives.

That is…

Be confident enough to speak, calm enough to listen, and curious enough to grow.

What are your thoughts? Hit reply to this email and let me know.


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