Intentional Parenting

Our Definition

Being fully present, endlessly curious and active participants in the emerging genius within our children.”


Why Did We Choose This Resource?

Most parents operate out of frustration, but when you parent from a lens of strengths it flips parenting from being frustrated to being fascinated.


Watch This 20 Minute Resource on Strengths-based Parenting

Key Takeaways:

  • Strengths are what comes easily to you, behaviors and skills you are good at, you look forward to doing it, and you feel energized
  • Your kids have these strengths! You can become stewards of their strengths giving way to their emerging genius unique potential 
  • We all have certain repeated messages that we say, and our kids hear and feel, pay attention to which ones are lifting your kids up and which ones are defeating them

The singular focus of successful parenting isn’t about being a perfect parent; it’s about becoming a parent who notices and nurtures the best in a child– Analyn & Brandon Miller Click To Tweet

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