Emotional Force Fields, Fighting to Feel Human and Intentional Parenting with Jairek Robbins

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Gentlemen, I am thrilled to share this conversation with you today. If you’ve been following the podcast, a question that comes up fairly often in various forms is: How do we stay emotionally centered and live our purpose while being so intensely focused on achievement?

If we’re unable to answer this question, we won’t be able to show up at full capacity for ourselves, our children, and our spouses.

Today’s guest is Jairek Robbins, who believes work should support our life, not the other way around. Jairek found success in life through trial and error. Ultimately, he envisioned his dream life and wasn’t afraid to give everything to see it become a reality.

During his journey to becoming one of the top performance coaches in the world, and a loving father and husband, he had to wrestle with the doubts and insecurities that tried to pull him back. He also had the pressure of following in his father’s footsteps, one of the legends in the field of personal growth, Tony Robbins.

In this episode, we dig into Jairek’s upbringing and what it’s like living with two high-achieving parents, the importance of mindset in overcoming life’s obstacles, and the steps for mapping out your dream life.

Jairek Robbins Podcast Highlights

  • Not every strategy we use with our kids is applicable in every stage of their lives. Find out how Jairek learned this through his relationship with his dad.
  • What was the pressure like growing up with Tony Robbins as a father?
  • Don’t be afraid to suck at things. Embrace the suck, and in time you’ll become great.
  • Soak up the mindset, habits and routines of people you spend the most time with. But choose wisely!
  • Judge people according to their actions, not their words.
  • Your dream life starts with mapping out your dream day. What does the perfect day look like to you?
“When it comes to emotions, having control over the gas and brake pedal is a massive advantage that 90% of humans don't have.” - @JairekRobbins Click To Tweet “Anything we do, we’ll suck at it when we start. If we suck long enough, we'll become good. If we’re good long enough, we'll become great, and if we're great long enough, we'll master it. Click To Tweet “Who you spend time with is who you become.” - @JairekRobbins Click To Tweet

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Jairek Robbins Bio

Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins is a performance coach, best-selling author and motivational speaker. Jairek has been coaching business owners, teams and individuals for two decades to achieve world-class results in work and life through his personal coaching. His coaching has helped people make more money, lose weight, and have more passion, focus, and energy in their relationships than ever before.

Jairek is also the author of the best-selling book LIVE IT! Achieve Success While Living With Purpose that has helped millions of people worldwide level up in business and life. He has delivered training and speeches to millions of people worldwide, speaking to businesses and organizations, including Harvard University, United States Air Force, BMW, Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), United States Marine Corps, and the United States Olympic Team.

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