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Eighteen summers. That’s about all the time we have to really connect with our children before they step into the next phase of their life.

And if we’re not careful, we can easily lose track of how quickly those summers slip away. That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to share this conversation with Jim Sheils.

Jim is the co-founder of Board Meetings International, a company that specializes in parent/child retreats for entrepreneurs and their children. He’s also a partner in the largest build-to-rent organization in the United States, with over a whopping $600 million in assets under management that pulls in over $40 million annually for investors.

Jim’s work has been celebrated in the Front Row Dads community for years, and for good reason. Known as the “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneur families, Jim felt compelled to address one of the most tragic issues of modern life – the disconnect between hard-working entrepreneurs and their families.

He developed the legendary “Family Board Meeting” process that has helped thousands of business owners strengthen their bond with their families. And I’ll just say that my son Ocean loves it! We all do. He keeps the countdown chart ready for our next board meeting!

He’s also the author of The Family Board Meeting, which I highly recommend you check out. In fact, we have a real treat for you today, gentlemen.

One last thing! If you’ve already read the book and you’d like a new copy, show Jim some love, write a review, and email a screenshot to us with your address, and we’ll mail you a copy.

And if you’re new to the podcast or our community, write a review of this episode, send a screenshot to the same address, and if you’re among the first five people to do it, we’d be happy to send you a free copy as well. (US Residents Only).

In our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The key ingredients for making the Board Meeting work like a charm in your family.
  • Three steps for building trust in your family that’ll last forever.
  • How to crush the walls and barriers that are between you and your children.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • Quality time is the best gift we can give our loved ones.
  • Rules for getting the whole family involved in your “Board Meeting.”
  • How steering clear of toxic people improves your relationships.
  • What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done.
  • Why Jim’s bond with his wife gets better with time.
  • Ego is the biggest roadblock to personal growth and intimacy.
  • Guiding your kids to figure out life on their own.
  • Get rid of your need for perfection; it’ll make life more fulfilling.

“For some kids, ‘Dad,’ unfortunately can be a pretty nasty word, and I wanted them to call me that as a good word.” – Jim Sheils Share on X

“If someone comes to me and says, ‘I want a perfect family,’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know what that means,’ I wouldn’t know how to show you how to do that. I think that puts a lot of pressure on the family instead of saying, ‘Hey, we’re gonna… Share on X

“Clearing toxic people out of our life was hard, but it purified our relationship.” – Jim Sheils Share on X

“I’ve learned that a sincere apology can keep a 10-minute issue a 10-minute issue instead of a 4 or 5-day debacle.” – Jim Sheils Share on X

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Jim Sheils Bio

Jim Sheils is the co-founder of Board Meetings International, a company that specializes in parent/child retreats for entrepreneurs and their children.

Jim consults with world-class organizations such as Harvard University and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to help their members succeed at home. In keynote presentations, workshops, team events, and private consulting, Jim has helped hundreds of the world’s top entrepreneurs and thought leaders focus and implement where it really counts—at home.

Jim is a partner in the largest build-to-rent organization in the United States, with over $600 million in assets under management that generates over $40 million in annual recurring revenue for investors. He uses his passive income strategy to teach others how to buy back their time and create a legendary family life.

Jim is an avid surfer and enjoys traveling with family and friends, especially his beautiful wife Jamie and their four children, Alden, Leland, Magnolia, and Sampson.

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