The True Measure of a Man with Jeff Perera


In today’s episode, Jeff Perera joins the podcast to discuss what it means to be a real man, his personal journey and experiences growing up, and how our actions impact other people, especially our children.


Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s is a short clip from the discussion!


  • The ladder of manhood
  • Be the lesson in action
  • It’s okay to be different
  • Growing up with a violent father
  • Being surrounded by emotionless men
  • When strength stops helping, and starts hurting
  • Seeing Dad afraid for the first time
  • Was Michael Jordan a great example of manhood?
  • The importance of doing more than you have to


  • “We are taught that to be a man, you need to have all the answers, and anything less than that is soft or weak. So right away we are creating this unattainable idea of being a guy and you spent your entire life trying to chase it.” – Jeff Perera
  • “Where you are on the ladder of manhood depends on who you are as a person.” – Jeff Perera
  • “The measurement of being a man is about how we serve, give, and live.” – Jeff Perera
  • “Be the lesson in action.” – Jeff Perera
  • “Anger is beautiful, when you channel it.” – Jeff Perera
  • “We create the world we live in by the choices we make, the words we choose, and the actions we take. The young people are watching you they are soaking it in” – Jon Vroman
  • “Values are caught, not taught.” – Rochelle Clark
  • “Worry less on the impressions you have in others and focus on the impact you leave with others.” – Jeff Perera




In a time of divides and tension, it is time to build bridges of understanding across our oceans of difference. We need to inspire Men in an engaging way to ‘Be The Lesson in Action’ and strive to become models of possibility for other men.

Jeff is a speaker, writer and facilitator, who since 2008 has delivered keynotes, talks and workshops on gender, masculinity, empathy-building, and men helping end gender-based violence.

Jeff discusses how society’s unattainable and harmful ideas of masculinity impact people of all genders, as well as ways forward and positive maps to manhood.

Jeff has delivered two TEDx talks on Masculinity and men’s troubled pursuits of identity: Words Speak Louder Than Actions looking at the power of gendered words, and The Ladder of Manhood which explores the male pursuit of identity and how too many men are fluent in a language of violence.

Jeff started Higher Unlearning as an online space to explore how ideas of gender and masculinity impact us in everyday life.


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