Reframing Masculinity, Breaking Down Stereotypes and Improving Relationships with John D’Agostini

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Man up. Toughen up. Suck it up. These are common mantras that are drilled into us from the time that we’re kids to when we’re grown men. It’s a narrative that’s not just wrong but downright harmful.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a man who is shaking up the narrow perceptions of manhood. John D’Agostini is a rockstar in the realm of men’s excellence who has mentored hundreds of people, from professional athletes and Olympians to high-risk students and regular family men with businesses to be supportive husbands, and even better Dads.

John is the author of Aimless: A Journey to Constructive Masculinity and if you’d like a copy of the book, write a review of the show, and email a screenshot to us at with your address, and we’ll mail the first 5 people a copy. (US & Canada Residents Only)

If you want to know how to find a balance between personal growth and deepening the bonds with your kids, spouse, and other men – this episode is a must-listen.

In our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to personal growth without torpedoing your relationships.
  • Strategies for pushing back against harmful masculinity stereotypes.
  • How to use life’s gut punches as springboards for growth.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • Using trauma as a launchpad for personal growth.
  • How bottling up pain sabotages your relationships.
  • The art of healing through forgiveness.
  • The how-to guide to solitude without self-sabotage.
  • Why opening up and being vulnerable with other men is a strength – not a weakness.
  • How porn and tech stunt men’s growth.
  • Owning your flaws and stepping up to better yourself.
  • Why the words you say matter.
“The family dynamic is such that we don’t carry pain in silence. We share our pain and celebrations with each other, to know that no matter what happens, we can vocalize our distress.” - John D’Agostini Share on X “We’re all just one text away from having our life turned completely and utterly upside down, and any sense of control you have is an illusion, and sometimes it’s a delusion.” - John D’Agostini Share on X “We need to have support systems and relationships to do away with this nonsensical destructive lone ranger mentality that’s drilled in our brain from day one; that’s total baloney.” - John D’Agostini Share on X

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John D’Agostini Bio

John D'Agostini

John D’Agostini is the founder of Invictus Leadership, a mentoring program for young men, and a men’s excellence expert and speaker who has mentored hundreds of people from professional athletes and Olympians to high-risk students and “regular Joes.”

He recently published Aimless: A Journey to Constructive Masculinity, which became an instant Amazon best-seller in seven genres, silver-medaled at a national book award for Christian self-help (Illumination Book Award), and took gold at an international award for sexuality and relationships (Independent Published Book Award aka IPPY).

He is currently on a speaking tour at colleges, churches, and podcasts, spearheading the conversation surrounding reframing masculinity for modern manhood.

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