Chemicals That Kill (In Kids Clothes)

About Jon Whelan

Director Jon Whelan entered the world of documentaries in a roundabout way. After a misused youth of surfing, skateboarding and broken bones, Whelan got his MBA while dabbling in Virtual Reality – he was way too early.

In 1999 he co-founded the Web auction, selling just before the bubble burst in 2000. Whelan was also a founding member of the New York Angels.

The arrival of children in the next decade caused a shift in Whelan’s focus, this time to social justice, and the development of “Stink!.” “Stink!” is an off-beat movie about Whelan’s tenacious quest to uncover the source of a chemical scent in a brand-new pair of kids’ pajamas, his journey through corporate boardrooms and into Congress, and his subsequent discovery of the disturbing ‘Cancer Loophole.’

Whelan currently advocates for truthful product labeling and serves as advisor to internet and media startups. He is also a principal of Net Return, Inc., and full-time parent to two young daughters in Manhattan. “Stink!” is his first documentary.

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