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Ok fellas, raise your hand if your kids have come to you with a business idea 🙋🏼‍♂️

As an entrepreneur myself, having my kids show interest in starting a business is pretty exciting.   

Of course, I want them to explore whatever makes them happy. But secretly, I love the idea of them running their own thing. Maybe it’s because it’s something I know I’ll be able to connect with them about. 

But how involved should we get? What’s the right balance between helping them pursue their idea, and letting them make mistakes/figure things out on their own?

Josh Felber – Helping Your Kids Start A Business

Josh FelberToday I caught up with serial entrepreneur, Josh Felber, to talk all about it! 

Josh created his first real business at the age of 14 and has owned 15 more in the 30+ years since. Before the age of 25 he had become a millionaire and today he helps “parent-preneurs” achieve success, while living an integrated lifestyle. 

We talk about the different businesses his kids have started, including Gratitude Gear and Paleo Pets, and some really great tips for any parents who have a kid entrepreneur in the family 🙂

“Listen to your kids. It's interesting how wise they actually are.” - Josh Felber Share on X

Josh Felber’s Podcast Highlights

  • Helping your kids start a business
  • Business models best suited for kids.
  • How involved should you be in your kids business?
  • Integrating entrepreneurship into your homeschooling
  • Encouraging your kids to figure things out on their own
  • Epic family vacations
  • Intentional praying & gratitude 
  • Building a family brand
  • What should you do when you accidentally respond with anger when speaking with your kids?
  • Raising your kids to be leaders
  • Listening to your inner compass
“Encourage your kids to figure out how to figure it out.” - Josh Felber Share on X

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Josh Felber Bio

Josh Felber

Josh Felber is a loving husband and father of three, serial entrepreneur,  podcaster, Emmy award winner, Inc. 5000™ winner, bestselling author, writer, tv producer, featured in television & movies and more. Josh Felber doesn’t just show up big in business, but has figured out a way to put his family first. He is the definition of a Front Row Dad!

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