Why Relationships Are The Ultimate Scaling Strategy with Pour My Beer CEO Josh Goodman

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Josh Goodman went from being a guy who couldn’t get a drink at a bar to building a multi-million dollar technology company that lets the guests pour their own beer, wine, and cocktails.

In 2014, his company PourMyBeer was drowning in over $100,000 in debt, with Josh as the only employee. Today, PourMyBeer’s self-serve technology is in 500+ locations worldwide, with over 12,000 taps in service across 23 countries!

What’s even cooler is that he built it from scratch – using all his life savings – and made over a million dollars in sales. His incredible journey, from personal hurdles to building a business empire, is detailed in his new book, Tap the Big Idea.

And even though Josh is crushing it in his business, he’s a super chill guy who always puts family first, no matter what. It’s not often that you come across someone who can balance work and family life so effortlessly, but Josh makes it look easy, and I’m thrilled to have him on the show today.

In our conversation, we dig into:

  • Strategies for avoiding the common trap of constantly feeling busy.
  • Why relationships are the ultimate scaling strategy.
  • How to strengthen your family bond during tough times.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • Showing your kids what a hard-working and attentive parent looks like.
  • Why some families crumble under turmoil.
  • Hiring the right COO for your business.
  • Prioritizing relationships and trust.
  • Embracing the opportunity to learn from people ahead of you.
  • What can you do today that makes other people feel good?
“If they ask you to play five times and you say no to them five times, they might not ask you that sixth time.” - @PourMyBeer Click To Tweet “A CEO is only as good as his collective team.” - @PourMyBeer Click To Tweet “Comparison is a thief of joy.” - @PourMyBeer Click To Tweet

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Josh Goodman Bio

Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman is the Founder & CEO of PourMyBeer, the world’s leading self-pour technology company. Named among Forbes’ Next 1000 CEOs to Watch, he has been profiled on Bloomberg, Cheddar, Thrive Global, Fox News, CNN, and CNBC’s On the Money, and more.

In 2014, the company was over $100,000 in debt with one employee (him). Today, the venture has sold and installed over 12,000 self-pour taps in twenty-three countries and has been listed in Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row.

In September 2020, Goodman sold 25 percent of PourMyBeer to Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and moved to an ALL beverage offering called PourMyBeverage. Goodman now lives in the Philadelphia suburbs, where he and his wife are raising their two kids and a golden doodle.

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