Practicing the H.A.L.T. Theory [Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired] When You’re Pushed To The Edge with Josh Trent

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I’ve recently started using the phrase, “I make myself mad when…”

I used to say, “You make me so mad when….”  or “It triggers me when…”

Taking ownership of my emotions has been a journey.  Rather than giving the power to other forces, people, circumstances – I’m claiming ownership of my personal state.

I make myself angry, because of the story I tell myself about what happens.

When I live in a world of “If she would just talk to me differently, I’ll be happy” or “If they would just listen to me, I wouldn’t get so mad”

Angry, emotions and managing our hearts and minds is the topic of convo today with my great friend Josh Trent.

Josh is the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast.

During our chat we talk about how getting a grip on how your physical wellbeing impacts your emotional state.

We explore a concept borrowed from the AA community – the H.A.L.T. Theory (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired).

We dive into the journey of finding greater consciousness and shifting what’s in your control.

Josh talks about the benefits (and challenges) of tracking tools like the Oura ring and glucose monitors.

We also explore the process of Emotional Inventory, how to dive into feelings like anger to get to know yourself better and much more.

Josh Trent Highlights

  • Explore what is draining your energy and/or pushing you to your edge. 
  • Learn how to deal with sleep deprivation and other challenges of being a new dad.
  • How do you stop projecting your feelings on your partner? And how do you deal with them projecting theirs?
  • Listen to your body’s H.A.L.T. queues and use breathwork as a regulator for stress. 
  • The secret to celebrating loneliness.
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Josh Trent Links & Other Resources

Josh Trent Bio

Josh Trent is the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast.

Father to Novah, and husband to Carrie, he has dedicated his life to supporting humanity coming together as one. The Wellness Force Media Mission is to help humans heal mental, emotional and physical health through podcasts, programs, and a global community that believes in optimizing our potential to live life well.

For over 19 years, Josh has been a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.

Josh has been spotlighted in major wellness media outlets such as Spartan, Onnit, SEALFIT, and Paleo f(x).

Josh holds a C.E.S certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is the creator of the BREATHE | Breath & Wellness Program: A 21-day guided breath and wellness program using ancient wisdom to boost your immunity, calm your mind, and give you freedom from chronic stress in the modern world.

Josh is also the CEO of Civilized Caveman, helping men and women live better through practical tools for wellness, personal development, and paleo-friendly recipes.

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Disclaimer: The transcription you’re about to read was produced digitally. It’s 95% accurate, however at times, the system interprets words incorrectly.

327 – Practicing the H.A.L.T. Theory [Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired] When You’re Pushed To The Edge with Josh Trent


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