How Burning Man Made Me A Better Dad and Husband Through A Deeper Understanding of Energy and Our Nervous System with Joshua Wenner

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All right, fellas. It might sound cliché, but it’s the truth. I’m back, and I’m better than ever!

For those that don’t know, I took a mini hiatus from the podcast to attend my first Burning Man festival. All I can say, and I can speak for Tatyana here, too, is we’re burners for life. It was that good!

To say that it was an incredible and transformational experience would be an understatement. And joining me to try and unpack just what the hell happened with me at Burning Man is my new friend, Joshua Wenner.

Joshua is an entrepreneur, speaker, filmmaker, and emotional resilience expert. He is the founder of Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) & co-founder of the K4 School of Menswork & Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs.

In our conversation, you’ll hear what a true sense of community this place is. Case in point: Joshua stayed with me for a few hours when I was at my most vulnerable (after midnight, no less!) to guide me through how to regulate my nervous system during a fight or flight response to trauma.

You’ll hear about Joshua’s Forgiveness Ceremony, which was inspired by the loss of his brother, as a way to celebrate his life. It was incredibly powerful and gave me a new perspective on forgiveness.

We also dig into masculine and feminine energy. When exploring our feminine side, how do we get into that nurturing flow and find that balance to still be present with our partners? On the flipside, it also made me realize that we still need men in our lives to fuel that driving force that propels us to build, create and provide for our family.

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Joshua Wenner Podcast Highlights

  • How the sense of community at Burning Man allows people to feel safe and be their authentic self.
  • How the loss of Joshua’s brother has brought his family together, and how people have different responses to grief and loss.
  • The impact that Joshua’s Forgiveness Ceremony had on me which uncovered new ways to look at forgiveness.
  • Realizing that when our hearts are fully open and we’re at our most vulnerable is also when our unresolved traumas can pop up.
  • How childhood trauma can trigger our nervous system with a fight or flight response years later.
  • The breakthrough that Jon had when Joshua helped him regulate his nervous system during a very tough moment. You can’t run away from your marital issues or insecurities.
  • What happens when we find the right balance of managing our masculine and feminine energy when we’re pushing the edges of our boundaries.
  • How do you do deeper work so that you can become the example that you want to be?
“You are the efficacy of your work. How you show up in life from how you take care of your health, how you respond in triggering situations, is a model of your work.” - Joshua Wenner Share on X “Typically we're born into connection, pain and trauma happens in connection, and then we're trying to deal with it on our own and we actually need connection to heal it. So if we could be the connection for our kiddos, now they're… Share on X “So much of learning to listen to our children is learning to listen to our inner child.” - Jon Vroman Share on X “Burning Man was a playground for me on how families operate. How the energy moves with the variety of people. Every moment of every day, the right person showed up at the right moment to tell me the thing I needed to hear.” - Jon Vroman Share on X

Joshua Wenner Links & Other Resources

Joshua Wenner Bio

Joshua Wenner

Joshua Wenner is an entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker, and emotional resilience expert. He has spent the last 20 years growing companies and maximizing human potential—while affecting the lives of over 500,000 humans.

He is the founder of Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) & co-founder of the K4 School of Menswork & Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs.

Joshua’s coaching, curriculum, and frameworks are being used to help high achievers, successful entrepreneurs, first responders, men, veterans, and those who deal with high stress and trauma. He teaches emotional resilience tools to help people navigate challenging situations and achieve meaningful results.

Before his current work, Joshua had a successful $20M exit as a founding team with Business Rockstars. He has been an advisor to multiple entrepreneurial ventures, has provided high-level 1:1 and group coaching, and was on an elite team of five of the top speakers to train Fortune 100 companies while working for Tony Robbins.

In his 1:1 and group coaching, Joshua uses a wide range of technologies to get results for his clients. Some of these include NLP, timeline therapy, gestalt, compassionate inquiry, IFS, hypnosis, inner child work, breathwork, somatic therapy, attachment theory, needs/boundaries work, transformational chairwork, and more.

Joshua is currently in post-production of his film The Gift of Grief, a personal story of how he turned the pain of his brother’s loss into meaning & purpose including interviews with the world’s top experts in the fields of grief & trauma. The film is expected to be released Jan 2023.

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