Quick Workouts for Busy Dads with Kevin Torres



Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s is a short clip from the discussion!


My wife said, “Babe…you look so fit, and I never see you workout.”


This was followed by, “Well…I guess you workout throughout the day, just little bits at a time.”


Going to the gym for 1-2 hours just isn’t my mission right now.   That said, I want to be physically strong.   I like short burst workouts several times a day.


It’s 20 burpees between calls.  It’s a 45-min walk/run first thing (while I listen to podcasts).   It’s 10 pullups when I walk through the door.


I was drawn to Kevin Torres because of his hard hitting sprint workouts — they fit my lifestyle 100%.


Some of the things we discussed…


  • Dealing with an absent father
  • How to achieve 10% body fat with 15-min daily workouts
  • The event that caused Kevin to remove alcohol, forever
  • Minimal equipment needed to get your workout in



  • I’m really mindful of the fact that we are never going to have this much quality time together as a family again.” – Kevin Torres





In Kevin’s words… 

After having my first daughter and watching my gains diminish, what I discovered was short intense workouts are just as effective, if not more so than long strenuous ones.

As a father of two girls with a full-time job, and limited free time, I have been able to keep fitness a priority in my life through short, intense workouts with limited equipment and no membership to a gym or a CrossFit affiliate in over two years.

My goal is to equip you with the tools you’ll need to be the father your family needs and to Fight The Dad Bod through short, intense workouts within a limited availability of time,  space, and equipment.

There are no gimmicks or corny motivational speeches here – just honest tips, tricks, tools, and workouts for new dads with limited time on their hands.

Just know that you’re not alone. There’s a community of dads out there who have either experienced or are currently experiencing what you are going through or will soon be going through.

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