Breathwork for Better Orgasms with Kim Bilyk – Part 2

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Welcome to part two of my conversation with my friend Kim Bilyk. We’re going to pick up where we left off and talk about breathwork, sexual creative energy, and how you can better connect with your partner.

Sex is something that I have explored on a deeper level in recent years, and I’m not just talking about how to find new porn online either. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, most men could be doing a better job in this department.

I’m a big believer in the benefits of breathwork, and I’ve practiced different forms of it, such as Wim Hof and Yoga in the past. 

Just a few weeks ago, I took a breathwork class with Tatyana, and I have to say, the experience was incredible. I am completely sold on the value of breathwork, but I have yet to really explore this in the bedroom. 

If you haven’t listened to part 1, I’d highly recommend that you go back and listen to it and learn some ways to make better and deeper connections with the woman in your life. Check it out here⎯ it’s a game-changer, trust me!

Finally, the previous offer still stands. If you leave an honest review of the FRD podcast and mention Kim, send me a screenshot, and I’ll mail you a copy of her Womb Wisdom Journal (USA/Canada citizens only, sorry international folks).

Kim Bilyk Podcast Highlights Part 2

  • What is cosmic breathing and Yomi Steaming?
  • Can you get a multi orgasm as a man from breathwork?
  • The three orgasms before penetration rule.
  • How foreplay is going to make your sex life so much juicier.
  • A reminder on where your lady gets most of her stimulation from.
  • How to walk the edge of an orgasm!
  • How can you be more open with your partner?
  • How can you have a conversation with your partner about sex?
  • Avoid playing the blame game and find ways to meet in the middle.
  • Why men should be putting in more work and make plans with their ladies.
  • Scheduled date nights! Do It!
  • The connection that comes with being open with your partner.
“You have to tune into your body.”⎯ Kim Bilyk Click To Tweet “Foreplay starts from the last time you had sex, to the next time you have sex.”⎯ Jon Vroman Click To Tweet “I want to stress that women are not linear like men. We have ebbs and flows with our cycle, and we don’t just have our cycle once a month, it’s happening for the whole month.” ⎯ Kim Bilyk Click To Tweet “Sexual energy is a creative energy that makes you better in other aspects of your life.” ⎯ Jon Vroman Click To Tweet

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Kim Bilyk’s Bio

Kim Bilyk

Kim Bilyk is a health and mindset coach that concentrates on women’s health. She’s a yoga therapist, occupational therapist, and has a burning passion for holistic health, something that’s led her to create a mindset practice called Amala Living. She helps her clients achieve their personal goals, optimal health and overcome limiting beliefs that they have in their life. You can find Kim helping with multiple women empowerment groups in L.A.

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