Striking a Shark Tank Deal, Balancing Life, Kids Bikes & Hypertrophy Specific Training with Kyle Jansen

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The average dude in their 20’s is usually still trying to figure a lot of things out. From finishing school, finding their passion or just figuring themselves out and being the man that they want to be.

But for Kyle Jansen, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, he went for it, and now he’s totally crushing it.

When Kyle was 20 years old, he had left his home and left school to pursue his passion in creating and developing a new braking system for bikes.

Seven years later, he appeared on Shark Tank with his partner Brian Riley. They got an offer and some cash from Mark Cuban and the rest as they say, is history.

Kyle is the Co-Founder of Guardian Bikes, which developed the Surestop® braking system, a is much safer (especially for kids) and helps prevent people from flipping over their handlebars on their bikes.

He’s a father to two boys, a loving husband to his wife Megan and a member of the brotherhood here at Front Row Dads.

In this conversation, Kyle shares his entrepreneurial journey that led to this groundbreaking (and head saving) technology. He talks about the challenges in finding that balance between traveling for work and being present for his wife, which is something that a lot of people can certainly relate to.

We’ll also discuss how being a dad also means breaking the cycle and not repeating the mistakes of our fathers who didn’t or couldn’t spend time with us when we were young. We’ll also dig into the hypertrophy workout routine that we’ve been using that is so simple together, keeps us accountable to each other and is paying off with great results.

Kyle Jansen Podcast Highlights

  • The dividends from working out and staying in shape.
  • How Kyle and Jon first met on a random bike ride with their kids.
  • Why it’s so common for the relationships with our fathers is just a continuation of their relationship with their father.
  • When we see the improvements that our fathers make in building a relationship with their kids, it motivates us to be present in our own families.
  • How Kyle’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was 19, and how his father supported his decision to leave school to pursue his dream.
  • The come to Jesus moment when Kyle’s wife was ready to have kids.
  • How difficult it is to ask for help and delegate in our professional lives so that we can be a better husband and father.
  • When the light switched when Kyle was in his late 20s on how to manage his family life.
  • When things get chaotic at work and at home, it’s easy to stop taking care of ourselves.
  • How Kyle found balance in his life.
  • Starting your day with a workout sets the tone for the rest of the day and forces you to cut out bad habits the night before.
  • The hypertrophy training system improves growth by focusing on the whole body more often, and not just leg day once per week.
  • How the workouts are very simple over a 6 week period with a slow increase with the weights.
  • Having someone to workout with and keep each other accountable makes a huge difference to stay motivated.
  • The relationships that we make can develop into great resources to find referrals and recommendations.
  • How the brake system works on a Guardian Bike and why it really is a safe and great bike for kids.
“I really believe that showing up is a big part of this battle, especially when it comes to being a good parent, a good husband and a good friend.” - Kyle Jansen Click To Tweet “Wouldn't the world be a better place if more dads dared to do better at home?” - Kyle Jansen Click To Tweet “To me, entrepreneurship is about providing value and solving problems in this world.” - Kyle Jansen Click To Tweet “When things get chaotic, you should really do twice as much for yourself.” - Kyle Jansen Click To Tweet

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Kyle Jansen Bio

Kyle has a passion for creating things people love, which spills into his sense of humor, his work and his family life, and joy of cooking with whatever is in the fridge. At home, Kyle is a happy father of two young boys, who he enjoys teaching new things, as well as a supportive and loving husband to his amazing wife, Megan. At work, Kyle is an entrepreneur who helped to create Guardian Bikes, a disruptive bike company that developed safer braking technology for children.

Kyle appeared on Shark Tank with Guardian Bikes in 2017 and scored a deal with his favorite shark, Mark Cuban. The company has continued to grow and thrives in Austin, TX where he lives with his family.

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