Luck Isn’t a Fluke, It’s a Formula with Mark Lachance – Part 2

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In the second half of our two-part series, we’re talking about mega successes, mega failures, and the formula of luck with Mark Lachance.

⎯ Did I mention he talks about all these things with his own kids?

Mark teaches us how to create our own luck by looking at our internal and external conditions, and explains that taking action in our lives will lead to the positive change we want as dads.

I hope you’ll enjoy this insightful conversation to learn how to create an environment that let’s you and your family thrive. And if you haven’t checked out the first half of this conversation, you can listen to it here

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 2 with Mark Lachance

  • How to turn failures and successes into learning opportunities that attract more luck.
  • The Lucky Formula—stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success.
  • Why attracting luck requires a bigger WHY.
  • Mastering the narrative in your head by practicing positive affirmation.
  • How to deal with loss that knocks you off kilter.
  • Who you hang around with and how you speak to people will greatly affect your life.
  • Practicing meditation and controlling your mind.
  • How to take action by teaching yourself, learning leadership, and practicing personal development.
  • Creating an environment for your kids to thrive.
“The language in which you speak to your kids delivers a message to your kids. That message can make a huge narrative that your kids will continue to carry with them forever.” - Mark Lachance Click To Tweet “As a dad, luck is your ability to manifest and bring certain things into yours and your family’s life.” - Mark Lachance Click To Tweet

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Mark Lachance Bio

Mark Lachance

Mark Lachance is an entrepreneur, investor, master of sales and marketing, and CEO of Maxy Media Inc. a company that is currently ranked as the number one advertiser for TikTok in Canada, and top ten in North America. Mark is known for his deep understanding of blitzscaling companies and has owned several businesses that have experienced hypergrowth through creative business development and lead generation. Mark speaks and travels the world with his wife, Sonya, and their two boys.

Mark is currently the CEO and lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., one of the largest TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Display Network performance marketing agencies in the world


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