Stoicism, Work & Life Blending, 3 Principles for Parenting and How KidsStrong Builds Strength & Confidence in Children with Matt Sharp

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If you’re a family man with a business, the temptation to check up on work projects or emails when we’re home with our kids can be a challenge.

But sometimes kids just need us to play with them, or hangout on the couch and watch one of their movies. Even if they’ve seen it dozens of times. If we’re present in those moments, it will make a huge difference and hopefully they’ll have fond memories of those times when they have kids of their own.

And as much as they love to run around and test our limits, the reality is:  they actually do crave structure, guidance, and discipline. The biggest challenge is usually finding the time to do it right while still making it fun for them.

The good news is that there are awesome folks out there who are making a difference to solve that problem. One of them is today’s guest, Matt Sharp.

Matt is the co-founder of KidStrong, an organization that helps kids improve their physical and mental fitness. With KidStrong, Matt has helped thousands of kids grow their confidence and strength and prepare themselves to tackle whatever life throws at them.

KidStrong also gives parents the tools to build confident, resilient, and hard-working kids and set them up to win in life. Their innovative teaching style is an obvious upgrade from the one traditional establishments offer and helps kids become mentally and physically fit humans.

In our conversation, we dig into how stoicism helped Matt become a better leader and how to help children become mentally and physically fit humans. Matt also shares his three parenting principles that will help any parent to be fully present with their kids and how focusing on improving the culture in your organization boosts productivity.

Matt Sharp Podcast Highlights

  • The difference between work-life blend versus work-life balance.
  • Modeling leadership and entrepreneurship for their kids by leading through your actions.
  • How parents often project their dreams and ambitions onto their kids, instead of letting them figure out how to be better people.
  • How stoicism helps you to improve your leadership and how you react to stressful situations.
  • How Matt juggles his roles as a father, husband, entrepreneur, and teacher, and how he sets an example for his kids.
  • Time isn’t being wasted if we’re spending time with our kids instead tackling that next email.
  • The mindset to attract and retain top talent by hiring A-players and just get out of their way.
“Let’s build awesome humans, and let the rest work itself out.” - Matt Sharp Share on X “Good entrepreneurs are strategic rebels.” - Matt Sharp Share on X “As you get busy, you don’t do more stuff. You just get more strategic with your time.” - Matt Sharp Share on X “Don’t work more hours; work better hours. The last thing I want to be is a really good individual performer.” - Matt Sharp Share on X

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Matt Sharp Bio

Matt SharpMatt Sharp is the CEO and Founder of KidStrong and the CoFounder and President at Causely. Matt has over six years of tech start-up experience in social gaming, SAS SMB, Enterprise, and digital marketing.

He’s also the former Co-Owner of CrossFit Maximus, Zone Fitness, and formerly Derby City CrossFit.

Matt originally created KidStrong to help his daughter Ella become strong and independent. This simple goal led to forming a team of experts who built a unique curriculum focused on building stronger kids through innovative training.

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