Mother’s Day Success Stories from 3 Front Row Moms with Angie MacDougall, Tjitske Sprang, Monica Hemmert

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I feel like I’ve failed more than won when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day.

Today’s show is devoted to sourcing great ideas that help you love on the Mom’s in your life.

I’m endlessly curious about the question…

How do we “win” on Mother’s Day by helping them feel love, appreciated and celebrated?

Honestly, there isn’t a silver bullet, sure-fire win, but there are clues, and you can increase your odds of knocking this out of the park.

Rather than tell you what I think, or interview another guy on what he thinks, I asked three amazing women (Front Row Moms Angie, Tjitske & Monica) if they’d have a conversation and talk about what makes their Mother’s Day great.

Think about this episode as a Mother’s Day cheat sheet for husbands.

The ladies shared fantastic ideas for things you can do for; including meals out, entertaining the kids, no mom duties, time for self-care, and much more.

To make it even better, they give us great tips on how to figure out which “gift” your wife would like the most, such as taking into consideration your kids’ ages and stages of life, stress factors, or typical daily chores.

Mother’s Day Podcast Highlights 

  • How to identify what your wife wants and needs for Mother’s Day.
  • Giving your wife options and letting her choose what she needs most.
  • Ways to discover your wife’s Love Language.
  • The power of DIY cards & crafts, time for connection, and other thoughtful gifts from kids and husbands.
  • Caring for your own mother on Mother’s Day.
“It's the handwritten card that might have cost five bucks or didn't cost anything. The gift that has thought, it's not about the cost.” - Angie MacDougall Click To Tweet “I don’t want to plan it, I don’t want to make it, and I don’t want to clean it up. Whether that’s in the house or out of the house, I don’t care. I just want nothing to do with three meals, for one day.” - Tjitske Sprang Click To Tweet “If we're thinking about hacks for Mother's Day, just think about what’s her thing and keep that in mind.” - Monica Hemmert Click To Tweet “My husband nailed it this year. A couple weeks ago he asked me if my ideal Mother’s Day was with the kids, or without the kids. I love that he gave me the choice. I chose without, and I’m having fun planning that day.” - Front Row Mom Click To Tweet

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