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We rely on Google for many things, but if you’re looking for ways on how to be a great dad, you might have a hard time finding helpful answers.

“Dad jokes” and “Dad bods” – that’s mainly what you get as a search result, and it drives me crazy.

The modern dad is so much more than this. The sad reality is that it isn’t how society sees us yet, and a part of that has to do with how Dads are invited into parenthood.

That’s what my guest Ned Schaut is trying to change with his new book The Adventure of Fatherhood childrens book.

He’s on a mission to change the way guys navigate becoming a dad: from the time they get the news that they have a child on the way to taking full control and responsibility of the impact they can have on their children (and the world) as fathers.

We’re also talking about a guy’s role as a parent and how society naturally favors giving women much more information and attention when transitioning into parenthood.

When was the last time you saw a dude get a gift for becoming a father?

We’re talking about being vulnerable, not taking things personally when we’re struggling, and taking the time to properly introduce new dads to the adventure that is fatherhood.

And the next time you meet a new dad, remind him he’s going to kick ass!

Ned Schaut Podcast Highlights 

  • Why learning to pause, reflect, and course correct is tremendously valuable to your growth as a parent.
  • The constant battle of accepting ourselves in the moments when we’re struggling and taking things personally.
  • With 10,000 babies born every day in America, that’s a lot of new dads that can benefit and be encouraged if they’re set on the right path.
  • How reading books with your kids at the end of the day adds so much value to your relationships, especially when you’re in the thick of it.
  • The impact that you can make if you properly introduce new dads to the adventure of fatherhood with the right tools.
  • If you show up and are ready for an event like the Front Row Dads Summit, you’ll get what you need.
“I’m not going to let the little failures throw me off to knowing what I want. I’m always pursuing growth, but I have joy in the day and I pause and reflect.” - Ned Schaut Click To Tweet “I truly believe that a father has the potential to have such an impact by focusing on their family.” - Ned Schaut Click To Tweet “Until you can fully accept your humanity in a moment where you made a mistake, you can’t shift it.” - Jon Vroman Click To Tweet “Dads are powerful men that are showing up big. Not perfect men, but powerful men, because they are stepping into their growth and their vulnerability.” - Jon Vroman Click To Tweet

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Ned Schaut Bio

Ned Schaut Family

Ned Schaut is a husband to his wonderful wife Sara, and a father to his amazing kids, all five of them. He’s an author, TedX Speaker and his mission is to leave the world better than he found it. He wants families and communities to experience more love and joy and be more present.

From his perspective, the problem is that men are not being as present and engaged as they could. He believes that if fathers were given (and accepted) a more prominent role, the world could be a much better place.

He found his purpose and life fulfillment through Fatherhood, and he’s now teaching dads everywhere how to navigate the Adventure of Fatherhood through his books, journal, TedX talks, and much more.

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