Mastering Microdosing, the Ongoing Evolution of Men and How Psychedelics Help Navigate Uncertainty with Paul Austin

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Paul Austin is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and leading figure in the psychedelic space who has guided millions to safe and meaningful psychedelic experiences. He’s the founder and CEO of Third Wave and Synthesis, companies leading the way to legal, mainstream access to psychedelic medicine. His work has been featured in the BBC, Forbes, WebMD, Business Insider, and Rolling Stone.

In our conversation, Paul will guide you through everything you need to know about microdosing, from common dosages for therapeutic uses, to the health benefits, potential drawbacks, and how to microdose safely without sacrificing sleep. You’ll also learn why not all psychedelics are made equal and why some are a better fit than others in certain seasons of your life.

You’ll also learn the origins of psychedelic use and the microdosing protocol he credits with making him a more present, courageous, and just overall more rounded human being.

If you’ve ever thought about wading into the microdosing water, or you’re just curious and looking to learn more about psychedelics, let this episode be your guide and starting point on that journey. Enjoy!

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • LSD in Budapest: The origin of Third Wave
  • The evolution of psychedelics vs common substances
  • The importance of starting slow
  • Defining a microdose and typical dosages
  • The cutting-edge science of psychedelics
  • How microdosing helps navigate uncertainty
  • People who should NOT take psychedelics
  • Paul’s personal microdosing protocol
  • Get in Third Wave’s microdosing experiences
  • Microdosing as a way to rediscover childlike wonder
  • Timing is everything. Microdose early without sacrificing sleep
“We are, and continue to be largely illiterate when it comes to these peak experiences and states of ecstasy.” - Paul Austin Share on X “It’s better to look at it as an amplifier, an enhancer, not necessarily as a thing that you need to be at your best… there has to be a level of balance with these medicines if we want them to be beneficial to us in the long-term.” -… Share on X “Microdosing helps us to learn faster and adapt to new circumstances and helps us to be more courageous in navigating uncertainty, so we can still show up and in a way trust ourselves, especially as men, in knowing that ‘OK, regardless… Share on X


Paul Austin Bio

Paul Austin is an entrepreneur, author, and coach, who sees psychedelic use as a skill, cultivated through clear intention, supportive mentorship, and courageous exploration. Mastering this skill is crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution.

Paul is a leading figure in psychedelics, guiding millions to safe and meaningful experiences through his work at Third Wave. Featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC’s Worklife, he pioneers the convergence of psychedelics, personal transformation, and professional success.

Paul’s focus on merging psychedelics with professional development is evident in his transformative training program, the Psychedelic Coaching Institute.

Through mentorship, exploration, and purposeful use, Paul empowers individuals to leverage psychedelics for profound personal and professional growth, viewing them as refined skills critical for humanity’s ongoing evolution.

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