AI and ChatGPT: The Next Big Thing for Dad’s to Buy Back Their Time with Perry Belcher

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All right fellas. By now, you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT and how AI is taking over. So what does that mean for us family men with businesses?

The way I see it, you can either hop on the train and use AI to level up your Dad game, buy back your time and scale your business. Or, you can dig your heels in and resist it with every fiber of your being and inevitably get left behind in AI dust.

Joining me for a mind-bending conversation is none other than Perry Belcher. Perry is an investor and serial entrepreneur who went from incredible success at a young age, to being broke and bankrupt to a multi-millionaire. He co-founded Digital Marketer, a top-notch digital marketing training company with over 300,000 students, and hosts the largest marketing event in North America, the Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Once you hear what he has to say about AI and ChatGPT, you’ll come out with a fresh perspective about all the advantages that AI has to offer if we simply take the time to use it properly. Buckle up because AI is here and it ain’t going away.

In our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The incredible story of how Perry earned 800k as a teenager, went bankrupt before he was 22, and bounced back to build a multi-million dollar business.
  • Why ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other technologies are just a drop in the ocean compared to what’s coming.
  • How individuals and businesses are only scratching the surface of AI’s full potential.
  • The ways in which using AI can make you a better parent.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • The impact AI will have on parenting.
  • How infinite intelligence is different from infinite information.
  • Why now’s the time for bold moves with AI.
  • Simple ways that ChapGPT and AI can be used in your business.
  • How YouTube is the greatest resource for learning about AI.
  • Using AI and printers to make our own food?
“Everything we know as life right now will be absolutely and completely different in less than 12 months.” - Perry Belcher Share on X “Sometimes people gravitate to a kindergarten solution for a collegiate level problem, and most of the time they’re not nearly that simple.” - Perry Belcher Share on X “When you’re young, you’ve got energy and drive that, as you get older, diminishes. But as your energy and drive diminishes, your wisdom is much, much greater.” - Perry Belcher Share on X “Sometimes a lot of great successful people have been really bad parents.” - Perry Belcher Share on X

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Perry Belcher Bio

Perry Belcher is an investor, direct response marketer, and serial entrepreneur who has built multiple startups throughout his career. After going 100% broke and bankrupt, he bounced back by creating multiple seven and eight-figure businesses. He co-founded Digital Marketer, a top-notch digital marketing training company with over 300,000 students. He also hosts the largest marketing event in North America, Traffic & Conversion Summit. Perry is also a best-selling author of over ten books.

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