Cultivating Curiosity with Consent Based Learning — Philip Mott Part 1

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What if…

Instead of helping your kids see the world differently, you try to see your kids’ world differently?

This idea comes from my two-part episode with Philip Mott, which is all about homeschooling and consent based learning.

Philip Mott is the author of Principles of the Patient Parent, and elementary teacher turned homeschooling father.

He shares his struggles with school growing up, and how he started to associate learning with pain, frustration, and being looked down on— something I never want my kids to feel while learning.

As someone who never quite vibed with the educational system myself, the topic of alternative education is one I want to consistently explore.

Philip and I cover lots of ground, including — curiosity, consent, and recognizing the storyline of your kids.

Philip teaches us that there shouldn’t be a difference between learning and living and wants to shift your mindset around how to educate your kids.

If you’ve ever considered a different approach to your kids schooling, I promise you won’t want to miss this 2-part episode!

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 1 with Philip Mott

  • How do you approach learning for you and your kids? 
  • What’s the main principle behind unschooling and what is consent based learning?
  • Know the difference between building trust by letting your kids take the wheel.
  • The art of practicing humility and perspective while dealing with the uncertainties of being a dad.
  • Avoid letting microaggressions ruin your day!
  • Why parenting books might be giving you the wrong advice. 
  • How your children feel in their learning environment can equal a massive shift in the outcome.
  • What’s the self determination theory in regards to autonomy for your kids?
“School, I think, treats kids like a lawn. It mows everybody down to the same level and it doesn’t recognize the diversity of children.”- @PhilipMott1 Click To Tweet “They’re ready when they do it.” - Magda Gerber (infant specialist) Click To Tweet

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Philip Mott Bio

Philip MottPhilip Mott is an author of Principles of the Patient Parent, father of three children,  and elementary school teacher who later became a homeschooling father. After struggling in the public school system and graduating high school with a 2.2 GPA, Philip shifted between many jobs before he decided to pursue a career in education at the age of 26. Although he loved teaching, he struggled with the social constructs that current day education systems have in place for students which pushed him to investigate different methods of learning five years into his teaching career. Philip now lives in Indiana with his wife and kids, writing his own music on the guitar in his  free time.


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