Perspectives of Unschooling, Practicing Patience, and Learning Trust — Philip Mott Part 2

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Hey guys. Hope you enjoyed part 1 of my interview with Philip Mott. In Part 2, we dig into different perspectives of unschooling, practicing patience and dealing with frustration. If you haven’t listened to part 1, you can find that interview along with all of the show notes at Enjoy!

Some of the topics I discuss in Part 2 with Philip Mott

  • The brilliance of moving from “What should they be doing?” to “What are they doing?”
  • What’s a typical day look like with unschooling? How can things like Climb Night and Pokémon teach your kids?
  • How to deal with the frustration of your own patience.
  • How do you manage your own voice around your beliefs, and how do you navigate the space of other people’s judgments?
  • Surround yourself with people who challenge your thoughts, and teach you to recognize the context from where you speak.
  • Learn the importance of your child’s enjoyment and letting your kids be kids.
  • Don’t compare your children to each other.
“School, I think, treats kids like a lawn. It mows everybody down to the same level and it doesn’t recognize the diversity of children.”- @PhilipMott1 Click To Tweet “They’re ready when they do it.” - Magda Gerber (infant specialist) Click To Tweet

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Philip Mott Bio

Philip MottPhilip Mott is an author of Principles of the Patient Parent, father of three children,  and elementary school teacher who later became a homeschooling father. After struggling in the public school system and graduating high school with a 2.2 GPA, Philip shifted between many jobs before he decided to pursue a career in education at the age of 26. Although he loved teaching, he struggled with the social constructs that current day education systems have in place for students which pushed him to investigate different methods of learning five years into his teaching career. Philip now lives in Indiana with his wife and kids, writing his own music on the guitar in his  free time.


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