The Power of the Beginner’s Mindset with Pieter Geldenhuys

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Gentlemen, what if I told you that there was someone out there who could take you on a journey to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, hike the Camino de Santiago, or navigate the Inca Trail–and discover more about yourself, the people around you, and all of humanity along the way?

Well, that someone is Pieter Geldenhuys–and as soon as I learned about him, I was fascinated.

Pieter is a husband and father of two boys. He’s also built, scaled, and merged a number of companies, including Shoshin Walks, where he takes people on incredible journeys both around the world and within themselves.

His mission is so in alignment with what we do at Front Row Dads that I knew I needed to talk to him.

In this great conversation, we explore what shoshin is—the Zen buddhist term for a beginner’s mindset. You’ll also hear how a talented entrepreneur who is focused on tourism survived the chaos of 2020, and why walking is such a great way to learn and grow!

Some of the topics I discuss with Pieter Geldenhuys

  • What is the relationship between anger and curiosity? 
  • How does the beginner’s mindset keep us open to learning?
  • How can the outdoors help us connect to our spirituality?
  • Pieter’s favorite trip in the world.
  • How Pieter hacked meditation.
  • How Pieter used intention setting to write his first novel this year.
  • How do you cultivate and keep a beginner’s mindset, both at work and at home?
  • Why not being seen sets Pieter off.
  • The value of taking a business meeting as a walk instead of grabbing coffee or beer.
“You can be angry or you can be curious. You can’t be both at the same time.” - Pieter Geldenhuys Share on X “A positive attitude can only take you so far.” - Pieter Geldenhuys Share on X

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Pieter Geldenhuys Bio

Unfazed Adventurer Pieter Geldenhuys is a husband and father to two boys, and has dedicated a lifetime to transformational journeys. Whether it is through his tourism ventures Luxury Safaris Southern Africa and Shoshin Walks, his educational NGO Tourism Boot Camp or his upcoming novel Offsides, he is in the business of effecting change through the power of words, and nature.

Shoshin Walks combines the organic benefits of doing the world’s epic walks with gentle but powerful personal work. Current Walks facilitated include summiting Kilimanjaro, the Camino de Santiago, the Inca Trail – and, in South Africa, the Otter Trail and the Whale Trail.

After studying at Stellenbosch University, his learning journey has been supplemented with short course attendance to M.I.T., Lehigh and Harvard. He is a qualified Enneagram Coach, Scaling Up Trainer, and Distance Learning instructor.

Professionally, he served on divisional director level at South Africa’s largest tourism company Tourvest. He also helped facilitate an exit of a family run tourism business. He founded PG TOPS Travel and Tours in 2008, and it has since grown to incorporate his various business interests.

Luxury Safaris merged with Classic Escapes in 2020, and he currently serves as chairman, with his wife Caroline the CEO for both businesses. 

Pieter divides his time between being a leadership trainer, and facilitating walks of gratitude. As a global keynote speaker, he delivers a timeous message on patience, perspective and the words we use, and how a Beginners Mindset can make all the difference.


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