Solving the Loneliness Epidemic and Redefining Mental Health and Wellness with Robbie Bent

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How do we lead our family through the storm if we haven’t weathered our own storms? Enter today’s guest, Robbie Bent. Robbie has been to hell and back, conquering addiction and loneliness, and emerged with a mission: solving loneliness and helping others reclaim their mental well-being.

Robbie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Othership, a company shaking up the wellness scene with transformative experiences such as group sauna retreats, ice baths, and breathwork.

So, if you’re a dad dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or addiction or just looking to foster a deeper bond with your family, this episode is for you.

In our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Robbie’s inspiring story of being a drug addict to building one of the largest emotional wellness retreats in the country.
  • How to push back against modern life’s efforts to ruin your mental health.
  • Strategies for finding calm and presence in every moment without the need for distractions or isolation.

Here are my favorite moments from our conversation:

  • How to be completely present on a moment’s notice.
  • Why Robbie spent eight days in a cave – and what it did for his mental health.
  • How to regain the ability to focus amid a sea of distractions.
  • How to be emotionally available for your family without the need for isolation.
  • The story of how Robbie went from a drug addict with $60 in his pocket to building one of the largest emotional wellness centers in the US.
  • Balancing the hustle of entrepreneurship while trying to be there for family.
“You can go through your entire life, from 20 to 60, of wake up with my son, coffee, to-do list, laptop open, all day, tired, watch TV in bed. You can do that every single day for 20 years, and maybe here and there have a thought of, am… Share on X “Life isn’t about the busyness, and so many get lost in it.” - Robbie Bent Share on X

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Robbie Bent Bio

Robbie BentRobbie Bent is the co-founder of Othership, a unique company with a physical location and an on-demand breathwork platform featuring the world’s best facilitators in the space.

His mission is to create a community and safe space for people to feel belonging, connection, and emotional resilience without the social crutch of alcohol or drug – the same things that helped him overcome loneliness and drug addiction.

Robbie is a GP at Vine Ventures, a Psychedelic Medicine venture fund committed to giving 50% of profits to research and charitable causes, and has helped build Ethereum as an early employee (when Ethereum sold at $6/coin). He is a dad to a 7-month-old boy and has been married for 2 years.

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