The Power of Breathwork and Healing Emotional Wounds & Your Inner Child with Samson Odusanya

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Samson Odusanya is a transformative coach and healer committed to guiding men to realize their full potential and break the chains of their former, limiting selves.

Today, we’re diving into the art of breathwork, the body’s secret handshake for calming the nerves and liberating those bottled-up emotions. We’ll also unpack the strategies for Inner Child Work, providing the blueprint for healing emotional wounds and stepping into the father-figure role our kids crave. Enjoy!

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • Quieting the monkey mind
  • Smooth operator on the surface, internal hot mess
  • What kids pick-up from absentee fathers
  • Children helping their fathers heal
  • Cheering kids on and letting them shine
  • The Inner Child Work strategy
  • How our kids make us more complete humans
  • Building an emotional (and physical) six-pack
  • Men. Feelings. Now in the same sentence
  • The emotional checklist manifesto
  • Never refuse playtime
  • Kids: pint-sized gurus of reality checks
  • What happens when you stop running from pain
  • Wisdom on parenting, marriage, health, and business
“There are multiple ways to gain love from someone, and fear is not a sustainable, healthy way.” - Samson Odusanya Share on X “We transition to adulthood, but we never want to lose that child aspect of ourselves, because that’s the part that’s connected to the imagination and creativity.” - Samson Odusanya Share on X “My daughter has been a catalyst for a good amount of inner child work. So, the challenge was loving myself deep enough to simultaneously give her the amount of love that she needs.” - Samson Odusanya Share on X


Samson Odusanya Bio

Samson Odusanya is a husband, father and multi-disciplinary guide with a mission of assisting people in experiencing the truth of who they are. Samson is a wellness specialist, health and fitness coach, and breathwork facilitator. He supports people to connect to their breath, build their bodies, and free their minds.

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