The One Word Family Mission & Community Gathering with Seth Dailey – Part 1

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Gentleman, if you had to pick your One Word for the year, what would it be?

For those that aren’t aware, the One Word concept is from a book titled, One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page.

The idea is to pick a word for the year, write it down (or, even better, create a painting with it), and then simply pay attention to how the word shows up in your life throughout the year.

The whole idea for this episode came about from the time I spent with my great friend and longtime brother of the FRD community, Seth Dailey.

As an annual tradition, Seth and his family get together around the holidays, and they decide what their One Word will be for the year. I was very grateful that they invited my family to their beautiful home and allowed us to join them for this exercise. It was such a powerful experience, and I absolutely loved it.

Seth is a husband, father of 4 amazing daughters, who are some of the most inspiring humans I’ve ever met. He’s the Co-Founder and the Operating Principal of the brokerage Keller Williams Gateway, and the team leader for the real estate company The Dailey Group, which he also co-founded with his wife, Alyce.

In our conversation, Seth talks about how this exercise helps him find habits and rituals for his family and guides us to bring out the best in each other.

We’re talking about how to listen to our family’s rally cry, how to give your kids a community they can thrive in, and how to reassess being vulnerable so that we can grow as a family unit, all with the power of one word.

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Seth Dailey Podcast Highlights Part 1

  • Finding habits and rituals for your family
  • Let your kids fully express and become who they are.
  • Why is it so important to have a tribe?
  • What can a visual representation mean for your word?
  • How you can champion your kids’ efforts and practice watching your kids create.
  • The impact of creating and holding space.
  • Why should you have grace for how you hold this concept?
  • Look at the different categories of your life and the words within those areas.
  • Does the energy of your word matter?
  • How journaling can help in so many ways.
  • Why can your self doubt be a good thing?
  • Be a student and feel your children’s perspective.
  • When do we start to critique ourselves?
  • What can help you breathe life and vitality into the future?
“We are all just walking each other home.”- Baba Ram Dass Click To Tweet “Friends are the family you get to choose for yourself.” - Seth Dailey Click To Tweet “Give your kids resourceful memories that anchor them.” - Seth Dailey Click To Tweet

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Seth Dailey Bio

Seth Dailey is a family man who loves business. Married to Alyce for 21+ years with four daughters between ages 9 and 18. Seth met Alyce while at Wheaton College in Chicago where he has degrees in Philosophy, Christian Education and a Masters Degree in Theology. He followed that up by getting his CPA for fun! Seth and Alyce moved to Baltimore, Maryland after working in public accounting and the mortgage lending industry, he joined Alyce in residential real estate sales where he built out the sales team and opened a Keller Williams office where he serves as the Operating Partner.

In September 2019, the Daileys began their cross country move to Austin in search of warmer weather and to enroll the girls in the Acton Academy.

Seth loves coaching, teaching, consulting and empowering others to live a big life. He can most likely be found at a personal growth event or reading a book at a coffee shop. Seth is also the proud new owner of a 24 foot Sprinter van which he rents on Outdoorsy when the family isn’t on an epic adventure to Rosemary Beach, Florida or Bozeman, Montana, Seth’s hometown.

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