Mental Conditioning Through Discomfort with Skylar Pond



Don’t have time for the full interview? Here’s is a short clip from the discussion!

How much should we let our kids struggle?

My guest today grew up with altruistic visionary hippy vegetarian parents in a logging community.  Yep, you heart that right.

Dr. Skylar Pond and I had a killer chat about combat sports, comfort zones and what it takes to be the toughest SOB in america.

Other rabbit holes we travel down…

  • The story of Calcio Storico in Florence, Italy
  • How to view kids sports
  • When parents overprotection hurts
  • How hard should dads push their kids?
  • What is tempo failure and why does this prevent injury?


  • They see me fail and I see them fail and we grow together. We have that relationship with the challenges that we take.” – Dr. Skylar Pond


  • “I think it’s cool when our kids can learn about those experiences from their parents and they can say ‘my dad really stepped up, he really did adventurous things.’” – Jon Vroman




Dr. Pond’s life took a turn toward sports medicine when he suffered a tear in his right shoulder while pursuing a passion in competitive rugby.  The options posed to him were a) get the shoulder surgically repaired or b) stop tackling people and having fun– so he chose c) develop a demanding and experimental shoulder stabilization routine and continue to play pain-free.  After his successful experiment, he was inspired to pursue a degree that would give him the opportunity to share that same level of success with others. Now as a sports chiropractor, Dr. Pond is a resource to coaches and athletes who seek an alternative to injury care beyond rest, ibuprofen or surgery.

As a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician,  he serves as the team physician of Seattle’s Pro Rugby Club, the Seattle Seawolves and The Ivan Salaverry MMA Team.

Dr. Pond does his best to practice what he preaches, he’s currently a blue belt competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he has competed for ten years in Kettlebell Sport, CrossFit and The Broken Skull Challenge.

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