Why Empathy & Diversity Matter More Than Ever with Stan Pearson

stan pearsonWith all that’s going on in the world and the challenges we’re facing as husbands, parents, and entrepreneurs, how do we make the time this year to meaningfully celebrate?

How do we make sure that what we’re doing positively impacts ourselves, our families, and our communities? How do we make sure that when we have conversations with people, we’re really listening to what they have to say?

If you’ve got a lot on your mind and tough challenges to face, either at home or at work (or both!) this year, today’s conversation with Stan Pearson is for you.

We’re exploring how to navigate a world full of more challenges (and information) than ever before, how to have impactful conversations during tough times, and how to not just be grateful, but to grow throughout them.

If You Only Have 5 Minutes…

If you’ve only have 5 minutes, don’t miss this short clip pulled from the full-length interview with Stan Pearson on the importance of being willing to choose empathy over ego –>

5 Top Secret Tips to Save Your Kid & Boost Their Confidence

Gold Nuggets

  • Why being “out of control” can look so different for so many people – and how we can effectively cope with these feelings. 
  • Why it’s so important to be able to choose empathy over ego.
  • How meeting people in the middle allows us to rise together. 
  • How to talk to your family about diversity.
''Effort on fire beats knowledge on ice'' - @TheREALStanP Click To Tweet

Big Questions Asked

  • How do you run a successful business, show up for your family, and have time for it all?
  • How do you show your kids that their biggest, brightest, and best ideas can become reality?
  • What can parents do to create loving, positive relationships between siblings?
  • How does entrepreneurship help us push forward and address our toughest challenges as a species and a society?
''It’s important to be willing to choose empathy over ego. That has been one of the most powerful pieces for having diverse conversations, and be willing to understand someone versus having to agree with them.'' - TheREALStanP Click To Tweet

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More About Stan Pearson

Stan PearsonStan Pearson II, is an Award Winning Bi-lingual Speaker, Motivational Comedian, Author & Consultant. Stan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from Missouri Western State University while minoring in Business.

After working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Stan started his career in higher education by flourishing as the Associate Director of Student Activities at Texas A & M International University. It was there, where Stan founded Dusty Camp, the New Student Orientation Program still in existence nearly 15 years later. He advised, delivered leadership and helped build the campus activities board, greek life, student government association and much more. It was also at TAMIU where Stan Pearson II, earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. After earning his Master’s Degree Stan worked for a consulting firm as he started his speaking company, Breathe Diversity.

Why Breathe Diversity? Because there are two things that you cannot live without. You cannot live without breathing and you certainly cannot live without diversity.

Stan has created one of the most creative, thought-provoking and inclusive messages in the country. He loves his family, loves salsa dancing and loves helping ignite change in the lives and organizations of his clients. Emotional Intelligence, leadership and diversity are at the very forefront of creating success. Stan is amazing at helping people CREATE that success!

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