What Men Should Know About Postpartum Depression and Understanding Women’s Mental Health Issues with Suzanne Aslam

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As men, it’s in our nature to want to fix things. And I’m not just talking about doing repairs around the house. I’m talking about how we deal with feelings, ours and those of our spouses.

And I’ve definitely been that guy, trying to “fix” my wife’s feelings. 

But when’s the last time that you paused for a moment and tried to really understand what she’s going through? 

Society expects women to be the perfect mothers right out of the gate. But, so many of them struggle with anxiety and depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period. So let’s leave our egos at the doorstep here, fellas.

The truth is, no one is born with the tools to be the perfect parent. Shocker, I know! 

And no one knows this better than today’s guest, Suzanne Aslam. Suzanne is a former actress and Miss Arab USA turned writer. She wrote Postpardon Me, a book about her spiral into postpartum depression and how she got out of it. Now, she helps other women experiencing postpartum depression feel more understood.

In our conversation, we explore how the support from her husband (and fellow Front Row Dad Kasim Aslam) helped her to get through depression, how she freed herself from the cultural pressures about motherhood, and much more.

If you want to learn how to build a deeper connection with your wife and be a better husband and role model to your children, Suzanne is the person to listen to.

Suzanne Aslam Podcast Highlights 

  • How to best support your wife when she’s going through perinatal and postpartum depression?
  • What happens when you’re being present and empathetic with your wife, and not trying to “fix her”. 
  • Don’t just wait for her to tell you when she needs your support. Read what she’s going through, and be there for her no matter what.
  • Taking turns with regular breaks from parenting to spend time with ourselves, even for a few hours, is a great way to recharge.
  • We will fail as husbands and dads. And that’s OK!
“You don’t regret having kids, you regret not having them.” - Suzanne Aslam Share on X “Depression is its own character in your brain, and it tells you all these things that you wouldn’t normally tell yourself. It tells you lies.” - Suzanne Aslam Share on X

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Suzanne Aslam Bio

Suzanne AslamSuzanne is a human rights advocate, actress and former Miss Arab USA turned writer. In her debut book Postpardon Me, she addresses her personal experience with postpartum depression that left her feeling alone and confused. She’s since conquered the dark thoughts that so many mothers have but are too scared to say out loud. Suzanne’s thrilled to get her book in the hands of mothers who may be struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety.

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