Talking More Around a Fire

What’s ONE thing you’ve added to your schedule over the past 4 weeks that you hope to KEEP in your schedule long-term?

At the Vroman house, we’ve been building fires in the backyard.

This used to only happen at night, but we’ve been starting them early mornings lately.

There is something primal and pure about starting at those flames.
It sparks something cool in my boys.

The very act of gathering in a circle, with a common focus seems to unite our family.

My wife says she loves the smell of smoke on my clothes.

At the most basic level, I feel I’m providing a source of warmth and fuel for my family.

We talk more around the fire.

We are outside, connected to nature more.

When we’re not around the fire, we’re not in front of the TV.

So many benefits — so I hope to keep the fire going.

Share your one new favorite habit below (include a pic if you can)


Let's Keep This Relationship Going

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