Teaching Kids about Money with Adam Stock


Very few kids understand money, investing, charitable giving, or financial literacy by the time they finish high school. As parents, a lot of us learned about money the hard way, through struggles and tough decisions, but our experiences don’t always make it easier to teach our kids how to make great financial decisions.

When COVID-19 brought in-person schooling to a crashing halt, family wealth manager Adam Stock decided to be part of the solution. Rather than complain about how lousy online education was, he created Money Mondays. Over a series of Zoom calls for kids aged 10-15, he and a number of incredible guests gave presentations on a wide range of financial concepts, including the value of saving, investments, charitable giving, and much more. 

Today, Adam and I are talking about how formal education fails so many kids when it comes to finances, the issues parents face when we talk about money with our kids, and the power of charitable giving. 

We also introduce the best of Money Mondays, a condensed, 3-week series of one-hour classes Adam will be hosting in January. If you have kids ages 10-15 who you think would be a great fit for this, please register at FrontRowDads.com/wealth .

Gold Nuggets

  • How and why Adam started teaching a group of kids about money when COVID hit.
  • Important topics to focus on when teaching your kids about money.
  • Teaching kids that making money and becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight. 
  • Teaching kids about philanthropy.
  • Why money equals responsibility.
  • Adam’s family rituals around charitable giving and gratitude.
  • Find out how your kid can participate in Money Monday’s this January!
  • How to make a donation in your kids’ name this holiday season in an impactful way.
'I want all my kids to know about money. It’s not something we teach in school, but it’s something everyone needs to learn about.' - Adam Stock Share on X

Big Questions Asked

  • What is Money Monday? 
  • Why doesn’t school teach our kids about money?
  • What financial topics are important for our kids to learn?
  • How can talking about money help us understand what our kids value and believe in?
  • If your kid had a briefcase full of money, what cause would they give it to? Don’t miss the exercise Adam gave to a group of kids that gets them thinking about charitable giving. 
  • Should you give money to panhandlers? Adam’s answer may surprise you!
  • Will your kids have the same value around money as you do?
'When I give somebody a dollar and I look them in the eye, I acknowledge their humanity and I recognize they’re not born that way, there’s a story there of what happened.' - Adam Stock Share on X

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More About Adam Stock

Adam Stock is a father of 5, business owner of 3, husband to 1 and the founder of The Next Level Planning Group, a family wealth management firm based in Chicago.

Adam earned a B.A. in Math and Economics cum laude from Carleton College and completed coursework at the London School of Economics.

He is a Certified Financial Planner and holds the elite Master’s Degree in Financial Planning.

Adam is passionate about three things:

  1. Purpose.  Adam helps clients navigate the many financial challenges in the present so they can experience a more meaningful and joyful financial future.


  1. Mentorship.  Adam is always teaching the art and science of financial planning, and the principles of how to be a true professional.


  1. Entrepreneurship. Adam derives great satisfaction from helping his business-owner clients locate strategic partners to accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Adam has been a member of Vistage since 2008

On a personal note, Adam enjoys playing basketball and violin.  He is active in his synagogue, having served as a member of the Board of Trustees and currently serves on the Foundation Board. Adam has been married to his wife Melinda for 20 years and they live in Evanston, Illinois.

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