The Magic of Music, Being Present + Playful & Using House Points with Tim Woosley

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Gentlemen, I hope you’re ready to rock today. This episode goes out to all the music lovers out there.

Is there a better gift that we can share with our kids than the gift of music? It’s such a great connector and the source of so many great conversations and memories.

Have you ever been in the car, just belting out a song with your kids at the top of your lungs? When we talk about being present and playful with our kids, this is my jam.

Today’s guest is literally rocking life as a husband, father, and music teacher. His name is Tim Woosley, and he teaches people how to play guitar for a living. But more importantly, he uses music to teach his kids about discipline and confidence so that they can do the hard things.

Intentional parenting is one of our pillars, and I couldn’t help but notice that Tim used the word intentional several times. Being intentional when introducing new music to his kids, or by spending time with them or his wife when he catches himself working too long.

I loved hearing about how he wrote his own eulogy that he reads to himself almost every day to reverse engineer his life and keep him on the right path to where he wants to go with his life. It was so good.

When I think about our family road trip last year, for my son’s 12th birthday, I thought it would be fun if we looked up the top 10 hits when I was his age and played them. I gotta say, we had a blast. It’s such an easy thing to do, and is now a memory we’ll never forget.

So let’s dive in. We’re talking about the power of music and how it’s such a great tool to teach our kids many valuable lessons. We’ll also get into how music can help us to be present and playful with our family and create skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

P.S. You’ll also hear Tim play a little blues riff on his guitar. Spoiler alert: He’s really good.

Tim Woosley PodcastHighlights 

  • How music can help develop discipline and confidence with our kids, and also build connections with friends and family.
  • Balancing work and family life by staying present and playful.
  • Being intentional with what we teach our kids and how we spend time with them.
  • How to find something that connects with your kids’ hearts and use that to guide and teach them with what Tim calls “House Points”.
“The child that practices and learns how to play an instrument has now understood discipline. You won’t have to tell them to do their homework, because they understand there’s a process.” - @tim_woosley Click To Tweet “Music connects everybody. Maybe not everyone is into baseball… but everybody enjoys music.” - @tim_woosley Click To Tweet

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Tim Woosley Bio

Tim Woosley

Tim Woosley is the Founder of Enjoy Playing Guitar, an online school for beginner guitarists. He has taught more than 32,000 guitar lessons for over 15 years, both online and in person, to students ages 4 to 70.

He’s a dad to three little rock stars: Ruby and his twins, Simon and Oliver. He is happily married to his wife Emily and they live in their little paradise in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tim is a strong believer that there is a hidden rock star in all of us and helps people unleash their inner rock star.

He created his online school to simplify the process of learning how to play the guitar so that it feels less intimidating. He encourages his students to see failure as progress and strives to make everyone feel confident and happy making music.

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