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Wayne Herring

Do you have a great mentor in your life?

Were there people in your childhood, at school, or at work who pushed you to new heights and inspired you to dream bigger?

When you’ve faced real challenges, was there someone who showed up for you in your moment of need?

If you answered yes, you already know that mentors are extraordinary people. They can lead us to new opportunities, help us triumph over the toughest things we face in life, and push us to be better fathers, husbands, and business owners.

As I interviewed today’s guest, Wayne Herring, it became clear to me just how impactful mentors can be. Wayne is the founder of Business Builder Camp, where he helps guys grow businesses to serve their families more efficiently, but he didn’t get there alone. He is living proof that mentors of all kinds help us thrive in good times and survive in bad ones.

We’re talking about the incredible lessons we’ve learned from others, and how you can use this wisdom to step up your game as a human being and show up for the people you love, too!  

Gold Nuggets

  • How to articulate your three-year vision for your life in business and at home — even if you suck at predicting the future.
  • How to rebalance your life when it feels like everything is crashing down.
  • How to support people you love — including yourself — through health crises and conflicts within your family.
  • Taking time away from social media.
  • The personal decision to give up alcohol — does it result in less fun?
''Balance is a verb. It’s not a state to be achieved.'' -@WherringCoach Click To Tweet

Big Questions Asked

  • Why do mentors have such powerful impacts upon us at every stage of life?
  • How can we have more positive relationships with social media and our smartphones?
  • What resources are available to men whose children are struggling with eating disorders?
  • When loving on people, when is it right to push, and when is it right to give space and back away?
''If you feel alienated, you have to push through and find a way to communicate. It’s never okay to box yourself out.'' - @WherringCoach Click To Tweet

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More About Wayne Herring

Wayne HerringAs the founder of Business Builder Camp, Wayne Herring has helped men across the country grow their businesses into successful and thriving enterprises. However, there is so much more to his story than simply “coach” or “consultant.” Wayne has worked as a specialty drilling and blasting contractor and an organic farmer. He has run ultra marathons, gone on epic road trips, and is a 1997 Montana state arm wrestling champion. He loves to hunt and farm, but he also enjoys yoga and meditation. Some have described Wayne as a renaissance man, but he thinks that is a strange term for the son of a coal miner.

Having grown a business and coached other business owners, Wayne understands we all have times in our lives where we are blocked. He founded Business Builder Camp to help men overcome obstacles in growing their businesses while creating fulfilling and enjoyable lives. He achieves this both through 1:1 coaching and participating in group retreats. Wayne pushes the members of his Camp to see new possibilities, discover new tools, and identify the gifts they didn’t know they had. Additionally, Wayne is passionate about gathering his clients together at lodges or his farm for fun, friendship, adventure, and rest.

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