5 Things I Learned from my Dad, Before I Lost Him with Brotha James

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Today, I’m talking with my close friend Jeremy Reisig, a.k.a. Brotha James. 

He’s been a hugely influential member of the Front Row Dads community. 

Why? It’s simple: Jeremy has legendary relationships with his family. 

In our conversations over the years, I’ve been deeply moved by the stories he’s shared–especially when he talks about the ways his dad, who recently passed away, showed up for him.

Brotha JamesBrotha James – 5 Things I Learned from my Dad, Before I Lost Him

If you want to connect more deeply with your father (or any father figure in your life), as well as your kids (and who doesn’t?), this episode is for you.

Brotha James not only shares brilliant music, but what made his relationship with his dad so special. You’ll learn about their traditions, how his dad treated his mother, and which actions spoke louder than words–up until the very end of his life.

“Underneath every bit of sadness, I felt love” - brotha James Click To Tweet

Brotha James Podcast Highlights

  • The value of looking for fulfillment in every aspect of your life.
  • How seeing other people’s pain at a Tony Robbins event helped Brotha James truly appreciate and acknowledge how his father made him feel psychologically safe, loved, and important.
  • How can we show up and be compassionate for people we love as they navigate pain, fear, and uncertainty? 
  • How Jeremy’s father’s kind, respectful, and acceptive approach to dying set the family up to survive it with less pain. 
  • What Jeremy’s dad, a massive Beatles fan, learned from George Harrison and John Lennon’s perspectives on life and death.
  • The many ways we can look at adversity – including death.
  • The value of having rituals with your children.
  • How can we unlock love in the sadness of losing someone?
  • How do we numb our sadness (or other feelings) in both unhealthy and healthy ways? 
  • What does a trap of avoidance look like, and how do we accidentally manipulate ourselves? 
  • How Jeremy’s father pushed him to do better without ever being hypercritical.
  • How can we show up for and support our kids, even when they get really into an activity you don’t want to do (or aren’t really that interested in)? 
  • How Jeremy’s mom created incredible opportunities for his dad and made him feel loved.
  • A question you can ask instead of “How was your day at school?”
  • What makes someone a great listener?
  • The times Jeremy was afraid of his dad–and how he reckoned with being disrespectful as a child in his adult life. 
  • Why Jeremy is so grateful that his dad taught him how to see the good in others, to listen more than speak, and to be a great partner.
  • The importance of practicing being a good partner on a daily basis.
“Perhaps our greatest gift is when we let go, it's when we transition.” - Brotha James Click To Tweet

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Jeremy Reisig (aka Brotha James) Bio

Brotha James

Jeremy’s rare combination of Masterful Facilitation and Musical Capabilities in person and online give him the ability to inspire any group to be at their best. This rare combination brings great value to companies, communities (including Front Row Dads), and organizations of all types because we learn more when we’re having a good time.

This science around learning is especially relevant for companies and communities looking to harness opportunities or adapt to change.

He’s facilitated thousands of events for dozens of communities across the world including:

  • Inner City School Districts
  • Millionaire Masterminds
  • Conscious Businesses

Jeremy is also known as the Uplifting Pop Rock musician brotha James. He’s played music venues, music festivals and concerts all over North America. His music-making method combines the power of positive words with the power of music.

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