Getting Angry At Your Kids, Unaccepted Apologies and Transcending Trauma with Curt Storring

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There are few things in life that can test a dad’s patience more than putting the kids to bed with a screaming baby in your arms while their rambunctious siblings are doing everything but trying to go to sleep.

Everyone has their breaking point and the urge to yell at your kids can be overwhelming. On a good day, you realize that you don’t want to become the scary monster in their bedroom before unloading on them. So what do you do when you’re at your wit’s end during the bedtime routine?

Today, we’re talking about what happens when we get angry with our kids, being rejected when asking for forgiveness, and what to do when “I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

My guest today is Curt Storring. Curt is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and a successful men’s group facilitator. After struggling with anger issues and depression in his first few years of fatherhood, he knew that something had to change if he wanted to become a better father to his kids and a better human being.

This led him to create his Dad.Work group and podcast with a mission to hurt less and love more. Even though Curt has put in the work, the reality is the work doesn’t end. There’s always another test or challenge on the horizon as a father.

I asked Curt to share a couple of stories from some of his recent blowups with his kids, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated his willingness to be vulnerable and to share his breakthroughs. Sometimes we just need to hear that we’re not alone, especially when we’re in those dark places.

All right fellas, let’s dig in. Enjoy this conversation and let’s continue the journey and evolve to become better fathers and husbands to our family.

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Curt Storring Podcast Highlights 

  • Is there anything that could break a man’s heart more than their child rejecting them when asking for a hug?
  • How to understand the triggers and patterns that cause us to become triggered.
  • Why wishing for an apology from our own parents in adulthood is wasted energy, and how we’re better off by letting go and moving on.
  • No matter how much we feel that we’re failing as a father, kids need their father to be a part of their life so don’t ever give up.
  • Why saying that you’re sorry doesn’t always work if you’re just saying the words. A real apology is more than words.
“The foundation of love is trusting someone with your heart, knowing they could break it at any moment, but trusting that they won't.” - Curt Storring Click To Tweet “Your kids are never better off without you in the picture.” - Curt Storring Click To Tweet “There is never a moment of hopelessness as long as you're willing to wake up and show up.” - Curt Storring Click To Tweet “An apology with just the words doesn't always work. But when your heart shifts, there's something very intuitive that people can read into.” - Jon Vroman Click To Tweet

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Curt Storring Bio

Curt Storring is a husband, a father to 3 boys, an entrepreneur, and a men’s group facilitator. He started Dad.Work to help other dads become better men, parents and partners by sharing the tools, practices, and wisdom he learned on his own journey from a miserable, angry dad to a calm and confident leader.

His mission is to break the chain of generational trauma in your family, and to give your children a more full, rich, loving, and supported life that will literally shape the future of our world.

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