Score Yourself in These 4 Areas (Spouse, Kids, Work, Health) with Dane Espegard

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Fellas, here’s an interesting one for you… 

How would your wife rate you on a scale from 1 to 10 in the areas of Work, Health, Kids and Marriage? 

That’s one of the big questions during today’s conversation with my buddy, Dane Espegard. 

Dane’s a member of Front Row Dads, rock star relationship builder, and someone who is continuously improving in all 4 of these buckets. 

I know for me, it’s pretty tough to nail all of these areas, all of the time…

Dane Espegard familyDane Espegard – Score Yourself in These 4 Areas (Spouse, Kids, Work, Health)

So, I wanted to know, what makes Dane’s relationship with his wife and kids so strong – and how does he manage to play at such a high level in his personal and professional life at the same time? 

Dane drops a ton of wisdom on what does/doesn’t work for him and his family. We talk about the importance of being attuned with your wife’s emotional needs, the benefits of therapy, healthy forms of fighting, and much more!

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Dane Espegard Podcast Highlights

  • Dane’s experience with his parents getting divorced when he was in his 20s.
  • The adventures of potty training.
  • Why my dog stands ON the table while we have dinner. 
  • The positive and negative sides of COVID.
  • Why his family is going on vacation with horses.
  • When Dane and his wife fight — why, and what does his wife need more of in order to feel loved. 
  • What four buckets need to be filled for you to be operating at 100% — and is it even possible to nail all four at once?
  • How would your wife rate you in Work, Health, Kids, and Marriage?
  • What do you and your wife need in order to feel intimately connected to one another?
  • What does it mean to be fully aligned and showing up with empathy.
  • My goal to talk how I would if a therapist was watching.
  • Why do Dane and his wife have such a great relationship?
  • How to fight with your spouse and is it ok to let your kids witness it?
  • Why my 6 year old son started having nightmares after I had a big fight with Tatyana and what adjustments we had to make in our house. 
  • What are clarity breaks and how have they been helping me?
  • Why community is your greatest survival tool.
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Dane Espegard Bio

Dane Espegard FamilyDane Espegard is someone who lives life by design. 

Dane is a husband, father, and member of the Front Row Dads brotherhood. When he’s not with his family, he’s a Division Manager for Vector Marketing Corporation (this is how we first met) and works directly with the sales and management team to maximize their growth and results. 

His team is very focused on “Living the Life of Our Dreams”. They do this by developing personal skills, identifying passions, planning those passions, and taking massive action.

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