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Gentlemen, we are LESS THAN TWO weeks away from the inaugural FRD Live Event. It’s literally almost here and I’m as excited as a kid the week before Christmas.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for this community.

And today’s episode features 4 members of the FRD brotherhood who will be at the event next month. I thought it would be cool to have a chat with a full “band” and have them share their thoughts about what being in an FRD band has meant to them.

Allow me to introduce you to Alex, Nadir, Ben, and Brian. They’ve witnessed the power of being part of a “band of brothers” that inspires and motivates them to be better husbands and dads and follow through on their goals.

But they also hold each other accountable and aren’t afraid to dish out constructive criticism. They celebrate each other’s wins and learn from each other’s failures.

In this conversation, we’re digging into the benefits of setting goals with men, being accountable to each other, and why it’s crucial to have difficult conversations and be vulnerable with people you can trust.

We also discuss why four is the perfect number for a band, how everyone brings something different to the table, how to start your own “band of brothers,” and much more.

If you want to be part of a community of men that has the power to create positive ripple effects throughout the entire world, then don’t miss our Front Row Dads Live Summit. We’re bringing 100+ men together to increase awareness, build brotherhood and ignite action to be better fathers and husbands and I hope you’ll join us on December 2-4 in Austin, Texas!

There are still a few spots left, if you’re interested, sign up at to book yours today!

Alex, Nadir, Ben & Brian Podcast Highlights

  • How to build a community where men aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and share their insecurities.
  • You can spend days and weeks reading about being a better dad and husband, but nothing beats getting in a room with other men who will challenge and encourage you to grow.
  • Success and growth are directly proportional to the number of unsettling conversations you’re willing to have.
  • Why FRD “bands” work, and how they change men’s lives for the better.
  • The importance of being intentional with creating a brotherhood because it won’t happen spontaneously.
  • To be a great leader, you also need to be a great follower.
  • How being part of a brotherhood can help you model a life of abundance, creativity, and fulfillment for your kids.
  • How getting together with other men can completely transform your relationship with your kids and spouse.
“It's about the community of us coming together and really just talking things out and having each other's backs.” - Nadir Click To Tweet “Coming in, it felt like everyone was giving the thing they wanted in return, creating mutual respect and reciprocation.” - Brian Click To Tweet “We're in three different time zones, so it's great to get from a different perspective compared to just everyone who grew up around me.” - Alex Click To Tweet “Just physically show up, and you’ll do better than 90% of people.” - Ben Click To Tweet “You always want to come home like you have filled yourself at an event. Because if your partner, your spouse starts to attach the fact that when you go away, you come back empty with nothing to give the family, they won't want you to go… Click To Tweet

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