Gifts to Win Your Spouse’s Heart All Year Long

For a lot of guys, gift giving oftentimes lacks true meaning. 

How many holidays have you made a last minute purchase the night before, or decided to buy something just because it has an impressive sticker price? As if a more expensive gift will show your wife just how much you love her lol.

Why Every Day is Mother’s Day

Gifts should make your loved ones feel valued and appreciated, not forgotten and misunderstood. It’s something we should do because we want to, not because we have to. 

And hey, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve definitely screwed it up on multiple occasions — so you’re not in this alone! 

Gifts don’t need to be bought, but they do need thought. 

Joining me today to talk all about it is my good friend John Ruhlin — a master at building relationships and winning hearts using his unique approach to strategic gifting. 

We hit on a bunch of topics, including intentional gifting, gifting fails, winning at Mother’s Day, making your wife feel special, balancing business & family, and more!

Gold Nuggets from John Ruhlin

  • Why gifting alone can’t save a sucky business and adds insult to injury in a struggling marriage.
  • Why the bar is so low in business gift giving – and how to give much more intentional gifts in every area of life.
  • The value of facilitating gift giving within your family.
  • Childhood wounds that stick with us into adulthood.
''It’s not about the holiday, it’s about all the days leading up to the holiday.'' - Jon Vroman Click To Tweet

Big Questions Asked About Winning at Mother’s Day

  • How can we better pick up on hints and clues when it comes to the intangible gifts that our partners want? 
  • Why is it so much harder to pick a great gift for our spouse than it is for a business partner or a client? 
  • What happens when we bring other people within families into our gift giving, thanks, and gratitude
  • How can we use the traumas we faced in childhood as we show up for our kids?

Go Deeper with John Ruhlin


More About John Ruhlin

John RuhlinJohn Ruhlin is the founder of The Ruhlin Group, a gift logistics company that helps clients like the Chicago Cubs, Wells Fargo, Caesar’s Entertainment, Miami Dolphins, Morgan Stanley, and The John Maxwell Company execute year-round gifting strategies.

John’s unique approach to relationships led him to become the #1 salesman for a $250 Million direct sales company by the time he was 23 (out of 1.5 Million reps). He now speaks widely about strategic gifting and relationship building and helps CEOs and sales teams drive referrals and open doors to elusive decision makers.

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