How to Identify Your Blind Spots as a Husband and Father with Nathanael Chawkin

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Gents… meet my personal coach Nathanael.  This guy has giving me tools to help me identify my blindspots as a husband and father.  Over the past 3 months that have had a profound impact on my marriage (and with my kids and business). 

He really helped me shift from a default mode of anger, judgement, defensiveness and frustration into empathy, compassion and simply keeping my cool.

A bit about Nathanael….

He specializes in interpersonal communication dynamics for both executive teams and families.

Bottom line — he finds your blindspots.

Can you think back to a moment when you lost your cool with your wife or kids?

Nathanael Chawkin on How to Identify Your Blind Spots as a Husband and a Father

Nathanael Chawkin

Nathanael’s approach to coaching leans on The Work of Byron Katie. If you aren’t yet familiar with The Work, it consists of four questions that allow you to look at specific problems and see exactly what is bothering you in a whole new light. 

In today’s conversation, we touch on a wide variety of topics, including Nathanael’s unique upbringing in what he calls a “human potential experiment,” how he masterfully uses self-inquiry in his coaching practice (and with me), and some of the breakthroughs we’ve achieved in our sessions together. You’ll even get to hear us talk through a scenario in real-time, so you can get a taste of what it’s really like to work with Nathanael!

“When I believe my thoughts I suffer, and if I can see from more perspectives I stop believing the thought.” - Nathanael Chawkin Share on X

Nathanael Chawkin Podcast Highlights

  • The benefits of a multi-spiritual upbringing.
  • The importance of owning your problems instead of trying to meditate or transcend them away.
  • Why it’s so easy to think people are judgmental when you’re the one doing the judging.
  • Ways people misinterpret The Work of Byron Katie. 
  • The 80/20 Rule to help you drop in to your own inner wisdom.
  • A framework you can use to better understand what triggers you and transform feelings through inquiry. 
  • How to stop being your worst critic.
  • How The Work is used in a real-life inquiry session.
  • How The Work helps create safe places for the people we love.
  • What are our basic defense mechanisms–and how can we defuse them when they don’t serve us? 
  • Why can’t we see our own blind spots without help?
  • Where does healing come from, and how do we end patterns of trauma? 
  • Why do we have more control when it’s us that needs to change, not our spouse or our children?
  • Why is it so easy to stop treating ourselves like someone who is worthy of respect? 
  • Why is it so hard for us to ask for what we really want? 
  • Where does transformation really come from?
''In a single moment of presence or awareness you’re transcending thousands of years of human conditioning.'' - Eckhart Tolle Share on X

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Nathanael Chawkin Bio

Nathanael Chawkin

My friend and coach Nathanael Chawkin specializes in transforming organizational culture by coaching the interpersonal dynamics on executive teams.  He’s insights have sparked incredible conversations and breakthroughs within the FRD brotherhood.  

As a martial arts and mindfulness meditation instructor, Nathanael’s practice-based approach has helped hundreds of executives from growth-minded, mid-market companies traverse the path to their next level of leadership development.

His work with Palæstra Leadership clients has been covered by Entrepreneur magazine and the Financial Times. Nathanael completed his BA from Maharishi International University in 2002, and MA in Integral Psychology & Coaching from JFK University in 2009.

He earned his 2nd degree blackbelt in Aikido in 2005 while serving as the senior director of an internationally renowned uchideshi (live-in training) program, and is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He founded Integral Martial Arts, a blend of eastern art & western sport, to coach human performance both on & off the mat, in 2011.

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