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Ron LieberHow do we give our kids what they need, while teaching them the value of what they have?

My son, Ocean, has recently expressed his new business idea, Front Row Kids. He has a goal to “work to get money” because he only has ten dollars, and he owes me five. 😂

I’m super proud of him, but it also made me wonder: if he’s bringing up money, is it time to have the conversation about it’s value?

I feel like I’m not the only one who worries about how to raise their kids without spoiling them rotten, while also letting them thrive. What time is the right time to even talk to your kids about the practice of money? 

Today’s guest, Ron Lieber, covers all this in his new book, The Price You Pay for College: An Entirely New Road Map for the Biggest Financial Decision Your Family Will Ever Make

Ron explains that if you’ve never talked about money with your kids, they just won’t have context. He also shares how to raise your kids to be grounded while not spoiling them. He cautions us on how important it is to be able and willing to have the conversation early and help our kids understand why you won’t prioritize their wants, just because you have the money. 

Ron also tackles the approach of setting emotional and financial boundaries for your family. He shares advice on parental guilt, fear, why most parents fail to talk about money and what makes these topics so uncomfortable in the first place—things I sometimes struggle with myself with my own parenting.

Luckily, Ron helps us navigate all of these difficult topics on today’s episode!

Some of the topics I discuss with Ron Lieber

  • How do you raise your kids to be grounded without being spoiled?
  • What is the definition of success and how much is enough? 
  • Overthinking how to have a healthy relationship with your spouse and how to be a good dad.
  • Don’t think about financial boundaries as deprivation. Spend as safely as you can on what brings you joy, and cut out everything else.
  • Setting emotional and financial boundaries with our families.
  • Helping your kids understand the financial and educational systems. 
  • The silence around money that’s hurting your children. 
  • How you can overcome your fear and guilt as a Dad around doing it wrong
  • How much do we give to our kids versus letting them pay/work for it on their own. 
  • How to help your child thrive in a creative way and encourage them to help themselves.
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Ron Lieber Bio

Ron LieberRon Lieber is a husband, father of two girls, and a public speaker for parents, kids, and educators. 

Ron began his career in 1993 as a reporter for Lawyers Weekly, where he’d later move on to become a journalist for the Wallstreet Journal

He’s a NYTimes bestselling author of three books, and has also been a New York Times money columnist since 2008. 

His new book The Price You Pay for College: An Entirely New Roadmap for the Biggest Financial Decision Your Family Will Ever Make is now available for purchase.

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