What’s Working At Home? (and in FRD)

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Jon VromanGuys, I have a simple question for this episode…

What’s working at home for you?

Oftentimes, we tend to look at the negative and where we’re falling short as husbands and fathers. But what about the wins? What’s better today than it was yesterday?

I’ve realized that being conscious of my gains has made a massive difference in how I show up and feel about life.

Today, I’m sharing some personal victories from this year in the categories of Parenting, Health, Wealth, Emotional Mastery, and Business. I hope that these examples will help you identify some of the major gains you’ve experienced this year as well.

When you shine a light on the good, it empowers you to create more of it. You can try and fix all your problems, or you can figure out what’s working and double down!

Podcast Highlights

  • Unsuccessful people focus on “The Gap”, but successful people focus on “The Gain” (Thanks, Dan Sullivan)
  • My 1-1 schedule with the boys
  • Getting real about health, fellas – I’m talking colonoscopies and parasites. This is some serious shit (see what I did there)
  • Our new Airbnb biz and the benefits of kids seeing us run it.
  • Listening to your body and recognizing moments of anger.
  • Alternate methods for helping your kids regulate their emotions.
  • Front Row Dads—business growth, milestones, and next steps.

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