Emotional Intelligence

Our Definition

Exercising our ability to perceive, process, and evaluate emotions thus developing our self-awareness, empathy and inherent insights which guide us from a stable state of being.”

Why Did We Choose This Resource?

Our next share below is one of our favorite resources and it’s all about how to identify your blind spots as a father. With the insights from this resource, you’ll understand the importance of owning your problems instead of trying to meditate or transcend them away.

Listen To Our Top Resource On Emotional Intelligence

How are you showing up to each moment that you have with your wife, kids, and work?

Irritated? Excited? Defensive? Lonely?

Take the time today to learn the 80/20 Rule that will help you drop in to your own inner wisdom, and start using the 4 question framework you can use to better understand what triggers you and transform feelings through inquiry.

''In a single moment of presence or awareness you’re transcending thousands of years of human conditioning.'' – Eckhart Tolle Click To Tweet

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