Thriving Marriage

Our Definition

Creating a dynamic partnership that makes each person feel fully alive while providing a model to our kids for a healthy relationship.

Why Did We Choose This Resource?

In this resource, one of our Front Row Dads, Dr. Kelly Flanagan shares what it takes to grow old together, how to master the most common cause of conflict in marriage and why you should make the observation of your protective self your most important goal every day.

Before watching the free resource below curated from our Brotherhood…

Briefly answer these 3 questions in your head:

  1. What are your kids learning through the way you behave with your spouse?
  2. Where are you feeling on fire in your relationship?
  3. Where are you falling short or are in need of support?

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You will level up your relationship by taking responsibility for how you show up in it'' – FRD Dr. Kelly Flanagan Click To Tweet

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