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Stepping fully into practices that elevate our mental, physical and spiritual states so we may best serve our family, business and community.

Why Did We Choose This Resource?

We all love gadgets. This resource is a great listen on “The 3 Health Trackers That Make You A Better Dad” . In this episode Sachin Patel joins us on the podcast to share when you should use blue light blocking glasses (and which ones you should buy), how to identify and resolve sleep problems, and how blood sugar fluctuations put our bodies into “crisis mode” and what we can do to track it all better.

Listen To Our Top Resource On Vibrant Health

  • What can we do to identify red flags when it comes to our health before they become serious problems?
  • How can we better understand the health issues our kids are having? 
  • How do our thoughts impact the chemistry of our bodies?

Oh and as a bonus resource — Check out this Rest & Recovery Checklist (courtesy share of Sachin).

''You can’t be a 10/10 Dad with 6/10 health.'' – Sachin Patel Click To Tweet

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